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BBI Classic Investments s.r.o.

The newly formed company BBI Classic Investments Ltd. together under the umbrella of Best Buy Investments, Inc. brings to the Czech Republic a unique opportunity to ensure professional investment in one of the most interesting sectors: classic cars or investment coins.

Currently, we are about to finish establishing a fund for qualified investors called CLASSIC INVESTMENTS with minimum investment of 75 000 EUR. We will inform you shortly on these pages.

why to invest in classic cars?

The market for classic cars is increasing due to unrelenting global demand and also due to the limited number of still existing valuable cars. Reasons to invest in appropriate classics whether either directly or through a fund focused on this option, it is really a lot: the index with classic cars overcomes equity indices, it is a steadily growing market, currently highest growing appreciation within a collectors segment.

A noteworthy is also the fact, that investment in classic car will bring you real fun!

INVEST in classic cars - directly, or with use of specialized fund?

Invest through specialized fund is very practical, because investors do not need to fully understand the issue, the fund has its own expert team, which takes care of the selection of suitable vehicles. This minimize the risk of erroneous decisions and the associated investment losses. The big advantage is diversification, which enables participation in various trends. Another bonus, if compared with direct investment, are lower costs of fund for one car. And also the costs of garaging, maintenance and insurance of the entire collection fund. Also the liquidity of invested funds is quite different compared to direct investment in classic cars.

lenght of INVESTment and its course

The length of the investment, liquidity and selling cars are always determined by development of the market, which is currently very dynamic. But we strongly recommend optimally at least a five-year investment horizon.

The best moment for exiting the cars is when the market appreciate rarity of the model. It is a commodity, that is predetermined by limited asset, so the demand for the model with clearly limited offer will automatically result in increasing the price. It is basically just a matter of how quickly this will happen and in what amount. Cars will be sold most often to partner specialist dealers throughout Europe, interesting pieces then sometimes also proven through auctions.



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