BBI Classic activities during season

This season began for our teams with busy schedule. It started during the spring rallye 7 Castles Trial and continued through concours d´elegance Loučeň and right now, we are preparing for following Silvretta Classic, Carlsbad Classic and South Bohemia Classic.
  • Participation of BBI Classic Investments teams on four major rallies
  • The organization of the concours d´elegance
  • Success within the Chateau Loučeň Concours d'Elegance

BBI Classic Investments is not a static group, but active, living organisms. The proof is abundant participation of team crews in major events in the Czech Republic and abroad. We like cars, so we drive them tastefully!

During spring, BBI Classic Investments organized its own concours d´elegance during rallye 7 Castles Trial. Independent jury decided about the most beautiful cars in starting list. Team BBI Classic have eventually won youngtimer category – with Porsche 911 Carrera RS (1973). The winner of the additional competition in which viewers voted themselves, then became another car from the BBI Classic fleet - Porsche 356 Speedster (1955), which was rode by Jaroslav Brzoň. Six crews from BBI Classic attended rallye 7 Castles Trial and brought to the professionals and audince only rare Porsches (including, for example, the 911 CS 1987), but also Morgan +4+ in white colour - yes, this is the second car out of 26, which is located in the Czech Republic!

Another event where you can see BBI Classic team is Silvretta Classic. Rallye, organized by the German publishing house Motorpresse Stuttgart, have over 18 years of its existence has built up within the European scene a very good image and a reputation of one of the best events of its kind. The starting list, currently numbering 160 crews, is full of nice cars. From Czech republic, only two teams will come: BBI Classic will send Jaroslav Brzoň/František Vahala with Porsche 356 Speedster from 1955. The experienced team will attempt the best possible position not only in class, but also the overall standings. The event takes place July 1 to 5, 2015 in the Austrian Montafon.

The highlight of the Czech season of competitions will be the third year of the Carlsbad Classic. The competition takes place in Carlsbad and around 70 crews greeted this year, of which a full nine seats are occupied BBI Classic teams. Showcasing traditionally strong assembly of Porsches (356 Speester, 911 Carrera RS, CS 911, R-911 Groupe) supplemented with both Morgan +4+ cars and interesting Volvo P1800. Carslbad Classic is a two-day competition, Friday's stage is 80 km long and more relaxed, Saturday brings a route of 240 km, during which competitors can expect series of complex tests of accuracy. Friday party at the Savoy Westend will be an opportunity to present the current situation and plans for BBI Classic Investments.

The summer season closes classic venture by South Bohemia Classic, which is its sporty competition that is right for our teams and cars. The event takes place from 4 to 5 September 2015. We look forward to meeting some of you in the action!



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