Mille Miglia 2015

Our team could not miss significant event such as Mille Miglia race, unique concept of race going through the Italy from Brescia to Rome and Back.

In mid-May, every lover of classic cars is heading to Italy, where Mille Miglia is held. Behing this phrase hides much more than it seems at first glance. Just the very fact that this year there were 456 cars from the years 1927 to 1957 registered in startlist (ie from the time when the original race took part) raises expectations. Already during scrutineering at Brescia on May 13th, you can admire the finest series of machines that made the history of motor sport. There stands a series of unique Bugatti, Alfa Romeo, Ferrari, Lancia, Healey, Maserati, Jaguar, Bentley, Aston Martins, Mercedes, BMWs, but other, less known, but maybe much more interesting, rare models. Thundering through the streets, lots of racing engines modified Fiats (Moretti, Giannnini, Stanguellini or Rovelli), meets Cisitalia, Siata and many others. Behind their steering wheels sits often well known personalities, not only from the world of motoring, but also cultural, sporting and political life.

For participants this year, we were expecting an extended route: one whole stage (ie. Leg) was added, which was much more interesting for viewers (there are few milions of them around the track). The truth also is that because it is still very demanding to finnish route from Brescia to Rome and back with a length of 1600 km, so one day more helps participants to make it more comfortable. During a fierce drive through historic Italian cities and open roads, participants had to deal with a total of 76 tests of accuracy (measured in hundredth of a second) and 8 average speed tests.

During the four days, the "most beautiful race in the world" (as it called Enzo Ferrari) swept Italy and demonstrated expertise (there were more than 1,500 accredited journalists) and general public classic cars in action. In the world, there is only a few places where you can see these investment gems in action during a wild ride, during which they are escorted by police often even exceeded the speed limit. Why is this so? The race is fast, and the averages between stages are really high: over 40 km/h in the traffic! There is no time to linger somewhere. MM convoy also has absolute priority in transit, and there are hundreds of police officers on motorcycles and in cars helping to get through big cities.

MM 2015 was marked by celebrations of Mercedes marque. This year, 60 years have passed since the original "fast" race was won by Sir Stirling Moss in Mercedes 300 SLR. If he could travel 1600 km in 10 hours and 7 minutes and 48 seconds, that means an average speed of almost 160 km/h! The record on the open road has never been beaten... Mercedes this year celebrates truly monumentaly - brought all three of the original racing cars from 1955, with the number 722 at the start symbolically drove Stirling Moss himself! This rare moment surrendered Mercedes tribute to one of the greatest victories of all time.

Among the 456 participants, however, raged own battle, which was eventually won with a convincing result by the crew of Juan Tonconogy and Guillermo Berisso with Bugatti T40 (1927). Seconds were Andrea Vesco and Andrea Guerini with Fiat Siata 514 MM (1930) and a bronze was picked by Ezio Martino Salviati and Maria Caterina Moglia, also with the Bugatti T40 (1928). We congratulate the winners and hope that next year we will dispatch in Italy again, but this time not only as an accompaniment...

Text: BBI Classic Investments

Foto: Mille Miglia SRL



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