(17th february 2015), three-day marathon of auctions of classic cars as a part of the Paris Exhibition of cars is behind us. And because the results of this breakthrough weekend are known and we are aware of their impact on the scene (both in and outside). We must share them with you.

The fateful days from 4th to 6th February has forever overwritten present auction results. On wednesday was the auction of RM hall in which there were many interesting cars still in relatively normal prices around 100 000 to 200 000 EUR, but also rarities or cars that are simply dissapearing from the sight. As an example we can show supercar Ferrari 1990, which was sold for € 1,176,000! It is a proof that not only classic Ferrari attract, but interest is getting even in relatively "new" cars. From the classic cars we will mention a unique racing Porsche 904 Carrera GTS from 1964, which found a new owner for € 1,428,000. Total proceeds from the first auction day was 19 million EUR ...

There was another auction on thursday, this time of Bonhams hall. Again, a full packed catalog of popular legends of the past accompanied by some interesting segment (posters, books, motors, simply supplements). The most expensive sold specimen became one of the 39 cars produced by Aston Martin DB5 Convertible from 1965 for which the buyer paid 1,897,500 EUR. The big fight was pulled around the Alfa Romeo 6C-1750 Grand Sport from 1930, which the auctioneer got for € 1,184,500. As can be seen, even here it certainly was not about small amounts - although for curiosity, the cheappest car was Renault Juvaquatre 1958 sold for € 8,625. Over € 9,200 was also sold Peugeot 202 saloon (1938) and Renault Dauphine saloon (1956). All eyes were now fixed on Friday ...

Finally we come to the most anticipated event of the season 2015, to Artcurial auction hall. The first 59 items were cars from the Baillon Collection and as shown by the results, significant media attention and clever marketing of auction hall have signed on a huge interest in the collection of "wrecks". This  word does not actually have to be in quotes, because most of the cars in the collection was really in terrible condition requiring top restoring arts and a production of many unpreserved parts. Due to the enormous demand was the auction ultimately destined for 900 bidders not even open to the public! And what happened? More than half of the cars exceeded the appraised value tenfold! All 59 cars were sold, while the most expensive  was as expected Ferrari 250 GT SWB California Spider (1961) that was auctioned for 16.3 million EUR which is about 470 million dollars! It is the most expensive car that Artcurial hall has ever auctioned.

Not even the other cars from the collection have not performed badly. Let´s mention Maserati Gran Sport A6G 2000 Frua Berlinetta (1956) for 2,010,880 EUR or Talbot Lago T26 Grand Sport SWB par Saoutchik (1949) that has been after an emotional struggle, in which was our Czech team present, finally sold for 1,702,000 EUR (with a premium and taxes). If the buyer had not been so determined, this rare car could have get in the Czech Republic. In this case, we would like to remind you that it was a wreck covered in moss its restoration will cost hundreds of thousands euros.

Artcurial hall can be extremely happy with their results. Out of 217 cars were sold 89 % indicating a massive interest of collectors in selected models. Let us mention that the Baillon collection was completely sold and all for the prices that analysts have not even predicted. Each collector wanted to gain at least one of the 59 mostly French cars and from 1,600 registered bidders have not everyone come to happiness. The results of Artcurial hall are truly remarkable - total sales amounted to over 46 million EUR, five cars were auctioned with a value of over € 1 million, then ten over € 500,000 and nine cars created an action record for the model. Baillon collection alone have "earned" an incredible 25.15 million euros, which is more than twice than the official estimate.

Text: BBI Classic Investments

Foto: Artcurial

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