Pitfalls of market with classic cars

  • Only in the last 7 years, indices tracking market of classic cars began to appear, until then, there were no public indicators
  • For a long time there were no financial analysis and therefore this part of the market stood outside the viewfinder of professional institutional investors
  • The market for classic cars is less liquid compared to others, eg. the capital markets, ...
  • When investint in classic cars it is necessary to have deep knowledge of the market (from the perspective of brand history, technical condition, ...)

Market Inefficiency:

  • Sales dominant party: high fees that distort the market
  • unsophisticated approach of the big players

Forms of investment


  •  It is not necessary to have a professional knowledge of the market
  • Necessary knowledge of the market
  • Team of experts - minimizing the risk of incorrect selection and thus investment losses
  • Less liquid investments
  • Better liquidity - equities and modified rules for entry and exit
  • Higher costs for storage, maintenance and car insurance
  • Lower unit costs for storage, maintenance and car insurance
  • Lower diversification - higher risk of poor purchase and of investment losses.
  • Diversification of risks



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