Porsche 356 PreA Speedster 1955

FIRST GENERATION PORSCHE SPEEDSTER is today among the most popular classics. IN ADDITION, WHEN IT IS a rare VERSION OF PRE-A SERIES, that has undergone a high quality restoration process. Currently FULLY functional and visually beautiful car enjoys the cover on prestigious magazine and also starts at classic cars rallye in Czech and Europe.
  • Extremely attractive Speedster Pre-A Series

  • Improved version of the engine from the 1600 SC, the original 1500 engine is with car

  • Top renovation in 1988, the winner of concours d´elegance

In the '50s, Porsche was not well known in America. But everything changed, when its dealer Max Hoffman, persuaded the automaker to develop a special lighter (and cheaper) version in Europe well accepted model 356. After some problems, the Speedster finally saw the light of the world: lightweight, sporty version of the car, which had finally managed to compete with imported British sports cars in terms of price.

Hoffman convinced Ferry Porsche that he can sell any product from Porsche, if he reasonably set "price from". And he was right. Although the basic version lacked many elements including heating and tachometer had been optional, they managed to get the price below $ 3,000. And it was the key moment of success. Small, lightweight sports car started to conquer mainly sunny Southern California, and it soon became apparent that it is not only good for cruising on boulevards, but also for racing. Speedster soon become admired mainly due to the excellent driving characteristics and controllability. And thanks to this, little speedster soon built up a great reputation in the US. And not only there – in Europe, small sports car fared particularly well in uphill races and competitions of circuit.

Speedster was produced from 1954 to 1959 and was created a total of 4145 pieces. Version Pre-A established only in 1233, and one prototype piece, all built from 1954 until 1955. Lightweight Coupe was sold in two basic versions: "Normal" and stronger "Super ", first 1.5 liters, 1.6 liters later on. It indeed offered many different uses, from normal operation in everyday use to the racing in circuit – for example, a detachable windshield or covers for front headlamps helped in this situations.

This particular Speedster left the factory in September 26, 1955 in white (code 603), with black leatherette interior. Soon after birth it went into the showroom of Max Hoffmann and was sold. Until  1984 it was still registered in California. Then it changed hands and returned to the East Coast in 1986, where it was given complete care by the enthusiast named Kermit Heim, who spent two years renovating it. In 1989 he reached the hundred-point evaluation within Werkfest. Today, the car excels using historically correct colour Aquamarine (code 607) and a light brown interior. The front bumper is decorated with a pair of lights Marchal 670. The instrument shield was restored by experts at North Hollywood Speedometer, Zenith carburetors have undergone overhauls. The car also has a new exhaust system from Dansk. History confirms the car's very comprehensive data file on registrations, invoices, statements and other documents. An ideal investment vehicle.

 Porsche 356 PreA Speedster 1955
Engine: air cooled boxer, 1488 cm3, two Solex 32 PBI carburetors
Max. output: 40 kW (55 hp) at 4400/min  
Gearbox: fourspeed manual
Suspension: independently suspended all wheels, dual torsion rod, pendulum axles
Period of production: In all versions created between 1954 to 1959 a total of 4145 Speedsters.
Number of produced units: Pre-A (1954 to 1955) only 1233 pieces + one prototype vehicle 



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