Role of classic car in investment portfolio

why to invest in classic cars

  • Index with classic cars overcomes stock indices, it is the fastest growing investment asset for the past 10 years and also the highest growing appreciation in the segment collectors
  • Limited offer with constantly rising demand drives prices of the classic cars higher
  • Ideal asset class for diversification of investment portfolio
  • Low risk of depreciation of investment when correctly choosing a car
  • Monetary ininvestment loss
  • Independence from other asset classes, such dependence: You can sell at any chosen currency (we can benefit from the strengthening of world currencies)
  • Being part of a large social community of investors and fans of historic cars

Social role is growing

World of classic cars gets to the front lines as a part of a lifestyle and a social life, and this role continues to grow

Large social events and opportunities for meeting:

  • Concours d'Elegance
  • historic races
  • Exhibitions and Fairs
  • museums
  • Public awareness is constantly growing, number of visitors is increasing across all the generations. For example, one of Europe's biggest classic car fairs Techno Classica Essen was attended this year during the four days by over 190 000 people. The fans are absolutely enormously interested in the famous Mille Miglia race in Italy – over 4 million people watch over the 1600 km convoy of vintage cars.



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